news from ANSE board

Dear Presidents and Del


hope you are all fine, and despite all challenges of present situation with the crises

caused by COVID-19 you manage your professional and personal life all right.

There has been a new issue of ANSE newsletter published now. Please download and

share the link with the

members of your organisation:

Please note that there were two other communications from ANSE board to ANSE

community recently.

The 'Minimal standards for an educational program becoming a supervisor'

under the ANSE Standards have been clarified. Please read the present document and

comment it if you think it's necessary:

Also ANSE Board made an effort to collect information from member organisations on

digital supervision and coaching. These useful tips and links for members are available

from here:

Please keep us informed if you think we can share news from your country through ANSE

communication means, or if you need information from ANSE board.

All the best to you,

Márta Lévai

Secretary of ANSE Board

twitter: @ANSE_S_C

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